Watering Can Door Hanger Template

If you follow us on Facebook, you will know that during our 11:00am Tuesday Facebook Live sessions, I have been showing you how to make a door hanger from the very start. 

The template we have been using is this super cute watering can with flowers.

This blog post brings everything together and give you all the tools to get started to make your own watering can door hanger template.

The videos below show you:

Week 1: How to assemble the printable template

Week 2:Cutting your template with a jigsaw

Week 3: Painting your template

Week 4: Finishing touches 

Grab your downloadable watering can template here! 

If you want to bypass step 1 and 2 and just get started with painting, you can buy your blank template here

Week 1: Assembling your Template

Week 2: Cutting your Template with a Jigsaw

You will be able to find all my favorite cutting tools in my Amazon shop. 

The tools I am using in the video are a great investment if you make door hangers regularly. They are great for the job and super easy to use. 

Week 3: Painting Your Template

When painting the watering can template, I only used 1 paintbrush and 4 different color paints: white, grey, green and pink.

If you mix the white with the other colors, you can really add your own touch and create your own coloring style for your template.Its also a great way of using multiple shades of color with limited supplies. 

Week 4: Adding the Finishing Touches

Here's what you will need....

Here’s a list of what you need to paint your door hanger template. 

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If you already have all these supplies, great! You are ready to go! 

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